Here are some frequently asked questions. If you think of anything you’d like to know that isn’t on this page you can try contacting the VP Welfare or contacting Nightline directly:

Who funds us?

We get an annual budget of around £1,000 from the Student Life Zone of SUSU.

Where are we located?

Our exact location is confidential for security and confidentiality reasons.

Who runs Southampton Nightline?

Southampton Nightline is run by a committee of student volunteers, all of whom are trained members of Nightline, and is headed up by the Nightline Officer who is the public face of Nightline.  As our members are anonymous, and we discuss confidential information, our committee meetings are not open to the public.  However, the Nightline Officer reports the general activities of Nightline to the Student Life Zone Committee, which is completely public.  You can also talk to either the VP Welfare or Nightline in person, or ask the Nightline Officer a question using You Make Change on the SUSU website.

Can I view committee minutes?

No, as these contain confidential information.  However, the Nightline Officer reports the activities of Nightline to the Student Life Zone Committee, whose minutes (including the Nightline Officer’s written report) are publicly available. Nightline’s reports to the SLZC contain no personal information or information on specific calls.

Can I view your constitution?

Yes, via this link.

Are your volunteers trained?

Yes. All our volunteers are trained to receive all types of call and are required to attend ongoing training sessions throughout the year.

Do you provide any information about calls you receive to anyone else?

We provide anonymised call statistics to SUSU and welfare-related university departments. The statistics include things like caller gender and the general subject of the call, however we never provide details of individual calls to anyone. Anything you call us about will be kept in confidence.